Windows XP Support Is Over; But, Many Users Are Still Using It

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Microsoft Windows XP has been officially abandoned by the software giant Microsoft Corporation. This may not come as a shock for most Windows users because it was long overdue. The software maker has been trying to remove Windows XP from the list of supported products for long now. April 8, 2014 was the date when Microsoft ended the support.

The end of Windows support for XP means that the operating software will not be receiving any sort of technical support, assistance, security patches, and feature updates either paid or free. Windows XP is no more relevant to the software maker. But, even after the end of Windows support for XP, there are millions, who still feel it ok to continue using the old operating system. Though many Windows XP users are now migrating to newer operating systems, millions still consider risking their important data by staying with their beloved Windows XP operating system.

Windows XP is only second to Windows 7 in terms of operating system popularity. This is great, considering the fact that Windows XP is now into its 13th year, since its launch in 2001. When we analyze the reasons behind this, we come to realize some things about the aging operating system and its loyal users. Windows XP is so popular even now due to many reasons. One of which is that it is the longest living operating system ever developed by Microsoft corporation. Many users consider Windows XP as the best operating system. For them, Windows XP represents what an operating system should be ideally.

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Windows support ends

Apart from the familiarity of the operating system, there is another reason why Windows XP stayed so long. Windows Vista failure is probably one of the reasons. Windows Vista was supposed to improve Windows XP incorporating new features. However, all it managed to achieve is to make things worse. Windows XP was faster and far more solid in comparison to Windows Vista. This played a major part in further boosting the popularity of Windows XP.

Another probable reason can be the third party business software programs developed that is

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Steps To Block A Sender In Outlook

Microsoft Support Page

Microsoft Support

If you wish to block a particular sender in the Outlook program and do not know how to do it, you can follow the steps that are discussed below.

First Method

  • Open the Outlook program.
  • Select the Home tab that is located at the top of the Outlook window, click on the drop down menu of Junk button, and then select Junk Email Options.
  • In the Junk Email Options window, select the Blocked Senders tab.
  • Select the Add button. This will open up the Add address or domain dialog box.
  • Type in the email address of the intended sender whom you wish to block and then click on the OK button. In the same way, you can also block a domain name.

By doing these steps, you will stop receiving the email messages from that sender or domain name in the Outlook inbox.

Second Method

  • Open the Outlook program and navigate to Inbox.
  • Choose the particular email message whose sender you wish to block and then click on the Home tab.
  • Select the drop-down menu located next to the Junk button and choose the Block Sender option.
  • If prompted for a confirmation, click on the OK button. This will block the particular person from sending you email messages.

Third Method

  • You will be able to block the desired sender on the online email account. For instance, if you have a Hotmail account
    Blocked Senders

    Microsoft Help Page

    setup in the Outlook program, open the Internet Explorer web browser and go to the Hotmail website.

  • Log into your email account, click on Options located at top right hand corner and choose More Options. This will open the Hotmail options window.
  • On the right side, located under the Preventive junk email heading, select Safe and blocked senders link.
  • Select the Blocked Senders link to proceed. Type in the email address of the sender in the box named Blocked email address or domain and click on the Add to list button.

This will add the email address in the list of blocked senders. You can now exit the email account and close the browser window. You will not receive email messages from this particular sender the next time onwards. If you wish to know more on these steps, you can refer to the Microsoft support page. The Microsoft support page explains the steps clearly to block a particular sender in the Outlook program.

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Microsoft Launches Attractive Office 365 Promo Offers

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Microsoft Support Desk

Users of Office 365 were surprised by Microsoft’s decision to launch a short time promotional offer for the service. The offer codenamed Office 365 Promo is aimed at folks who are thinking about migrating to Office 365 services. Nevertheless, the fact is that the offer does not benefit existing Office 365 users in any way as it is exclusively meant for new customers. In a blog post released last Wednesday, Microsoft said that the offer is an extension of a previous offer codenamed FastTrack. This specific offer was aimed at organizations rather than individual users. Meanwhile, the latest offer is a meant for both home users and organizations alike.


Microsoft has listed down the benefits of the offer in its blog post. The key benefits are discussed here. First of all, how the offer is benefited for organizations is explained. For organizations that partner with other services or support, Microsoft would allot a certain amount of fund for remote support. The organizations will be able to get support from Microsoft until the allocated fund gets used up. To know more about the specifications of the offer, visit the portal page of Microsoft’s Office 365 FastTrack Onbourding Centre. There are numerous nuances in the deal as well. Some of these nuances might be useful for certain institutions.

Offer not applicable for dedicated Office 365 customers

If you are a dedicated Office 365 customer, you will not be eligible for the offer. Similarly, users of Charity 365 and free Office 365 education package are also not privileged for the offer.

Office 365 Users

Microsoft Help And Support

According to the Microsoft support page, the offer is highly useful for organizations because it allows them to receive special funding and support given that they agree to work with Microsoft partners. The special support services meant for the organizations include data migration for email, application remediation, email migration, SharePoint, project management and OneDrive.

The data released in the Microsoft support site indicates that the tech giant has set aside about $15 per seat for organizations that agree to work with Microsoft partner support. The total number of seats set aside for each partner support range between 150 and 1000. To receive the offer, organizations should take at least between 150 seats and 1000 seats. It is reported that Microsoft gives special reduction packages for those who order more than 1000 seats.

The latest Office 365 offers are slowly making news in the tech world. If you want to find out more about it, visit the Microsoft support page.

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Removing The ShopAtHome Toolbar


Uninstall ShopAtHome Toolbar

Toolbars are a frequent thing these days, and most of the ones coming out are meant for improving your web browsing experience. Browser toolbars let you do many things with a single click, speeding up activities that would otherwise take you longer each time. You have toolbars from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Babylon, which are the most commonly known ones right now.

However, there is also a less famous toolbar from ShopAtHome, which adds on to Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. This brings a search engine with it that allows you to search and compare prices of shopping items on multiple sites. Though this is useful in many scenarios, your browser is better off without it if you do not use this toolbar at all.

It is common to want to uninstall a toolbar from your computer; this is good practice, in that, it speeds up the system by freeing more resources for use. So, here is how to remove ShopAtHome toolbar from your computer

Steps to follow

  • Click Start, and then go to Control Panel. Go to Programs and Features, if you have Windows 7 or Vista installed. Hit the Add or Remove Programs button instead, if you are on Windows XP. This will bring up a list of the programs installed on the computer.
  • Go down the list and find the SelectRebates option. If you do not find this, look for Toolbar instead.
  • When you click on the link, you will see an adjoining Uninstall or Remove button. Click on this, and if you are asked for an authorizing password, provide it.
  • Launch your IE web browser, and verify that the toolbar is gone.

Remove toolbar from Firefox

  • Go to the Tools menu in Firefox, and from there, select the Add-ons option. This will bring up a new dialog box.

    Famous Toolbar

    Remove ShopAtHome Toolbar

  • Hit the Extensions tab to view the list of add-ons installed in the browser. Go down the list and find the ShopAtHome Intelligent Shopping Toolbar option. Click on the Uninstall button aligned next to it, and then click on it once more. This will remove the toolbar for you.
  • Close the browser and re-launch it. This time there will be no traces left of the ShopAtHome Toolbar.

Follow these instructions, and you will be able to remove the ShopAtHome from your browser. If you hit a snag when you remove toolbar, call our tech support number shown at the top. We will assist with any and all Windows PC issues you have.

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Microsoft Offers Better Unity Support In Visual Studio By Acquiring SyntaxTree

Microsoft Support Site

Support Site For Microsoft

Microsoft continuously tries to improve its products by collaborating with several third party companies. It was recently that Microsoft announced a partnership with a France based Company called SyntaxTree. SyntaxTree is the popular developer of the Visual Studio plugin for developers named UnityVS. It uses the cross-platform Unity framework to develop their games. Microsoft’s corporate vice president of its Developer Division, S. “Soma” Somasegar said that the main intention behind this acquisition is to incorporate UnityVS into Visual Studio “and to continue to push forward Visual Studio’s support for game developers.”

UnityVS provides lot of advantages for the developers. It helps the developers to debug their Unity Scripts easily and it offers wizards, code snippets and other tools to the developers. Moreover, it is also responsible for the incorporation between Visual Studio and Unity console. A limited support for Visual Studio C# integration is offered by Unity by default but UnityVS is quite different from it as it offers better features.

For a personal license, the previous cost associated with this existing plug in is about $99 and for the professional version, it costs about $249. The users can download this plug in free from the download website of Microsoft and it will be available for download soon. Moreover, the company SyntaxTree says that in order to provide the customers with further details regarding the way of providing continued support, it will reach out to their existing customers soon. Microsoft Studios, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Rovio and Valve include the list of current users for UnityVS.

Visual Studio C# Integration

Microsoft Support

There are more than 2 million developers in the Unity platform out of which many of the users also make use of Visual Studio and this explains the decision of Microsoft to buy SyntaxTree. Since the Unity engine is compatible with all the mobile, console and main desktop platforms, it is obvious that Microsoft is also paying attention in its support for Windows, Windows Phone apps and Windows Store.

The Microsoft’s commitment to support the Unity engine in Visual Studio was shown by this acquisition. It should also be noted that Unreal, which is a competitor of Unity offers similar Visual Studio plug ins and CryTek’s CryEngine predicts that most users opt for Visual Studio as the main IDE. For more news and information regarding this, contact our Microsoft support site number. The Microsoft support site desk will be able to provide sufficient information regarding this.

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