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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most precise email software in the corporate world or even for an individual. Outlook, being a part of the MS Office Programmes, is the most popular communication manager is used as a free email programme. 

MS Outlook allows its consumers to connect to their contact list, addresses and schedule it conveniently. It’s the mostly widely used software in the professional market for the services and features it offers. Another versatility of the tool is, it can be used by a group of members sharing the same goal along with being used by an individual without hassle. MS Outlook 2013 is the most popular version of it developed yet. MS Outlook at best allows a user to harness corporate benefits at extreme level without demanding one to compromise with their personal communication.

Features are plenty, one biggest and unique feature is, it allows the users to synchronize the folders, calendar items and files seamlessly. One can perform the actions even when offline, which gets delivered once this email software connects to the internet.

MS outlook, despite being one of the easiest & handy software to use, people often face troubles using it. At worst, it can hinder the smooth, streamlined operations of smaller or larger organisations. In such cases, getting a technical assistance from esteemed MS outlook tech support service provider becomes utmost requirement. A few common challenges users come across are :

  • User fails to launch the program or it doesn’t run in the expected time.
  • User fails to login/Signup
  • Challenges occurring while one tries to add more than one (multiple simultaneous) accounts in the same MS Outlook Programme.
  • Programme fails to install the setup or comes up with an error while pulling updates.
  • .PST files fail to import into the MS Outlook
  • Problems in sending outgoing emails or receiving incoming emails.
  • Issues coming up while arranging the files, address book, contact, calendars and emails.
  • Failing to collate antispyware or antispam softwares with existing MS Outlook Programme.
  • Errors coming up in configuring Microsoft Outlook alerts.
  • Problems persisting in getting junk mail filters working.
  • Problems arising while recovering or resetting the password.
  • Failing in an attempt to delete an account if required.
  • Issues in configuring SMTP settings
  • Issues relating to proxy server.

Our MS Outlook support phone number (MS Customer Service Number/helpline) is there to lift out all such difficulties in a very easiest, smoothest and fastest manner. Let the problems be complex enough, we always love taking challenges, so you get back on track as earliest as possible. Problems with MS outlook may arise anytime; day or night; Monday through Friday, we take it as fun to solve it for you if you dial our MS outlook support number promptly. You can find us if you look for Microsoft outlook express support number, Microsoft outlook express technical support number, Microsoft outlook technical support number or just outlook support number. Leave the rest upon our outlook support team/department.

A user can dial Microsoft outlook phone number without hassle to avail online MS outlook support serving thereby, getting complete peace of mind solution. Our team works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so you can say, we are Outlook 24/7 support for your outlook related problems. Out of plenty of other tech support service providers in the USA, we really stand up to the promises we make.

Why should you rely upon us:

Our support specialists have excellent knowledge about setting up an account, repairing issues or reinstalling if required. Most importantly, we take permissions prior to make any vital changes in transforming your outlook account. We take pride to align the program to its upgraded version and prefer the best possible solution in case of a password recovery issue.

We are energetic to offer you the best of suggestions selflessly like how to generate a stronger password, transferring an existing mail from a location to the other by precisely exporting.  


Latest improvements in New Outlook 2016 for windows

Outlook 2016 still offers you the same features and goal but has made it even quicker and simpler for you to communicate; calendars, contacts or task management are refined to the best.

Improved search, content and suggestions to answer your queries has been made better by refining the ‘Tell me what you want to do’ box at the top. Now you’re served with a wide range of functions or tasks when you look for any action to perform using that box. Most frequent tasks you can easily select from the ‘Tell me pane’. Your typical questions are first understood by us and served you what’s close to your query so you finish things very quickly.

Now you don’t need to scratch your head to confirm what images/pictures you’ve selected because it shows a preview of what you’ve attached or received.

Files you attach on skype when heading to an Online business meeting, are available right before you enabling you to start the meeting any moment of time.


Common Windows Outlook Problems which you would want to try & fix yourself


1. Restoring an item from ‘Deleted items folder’

Head to the ‘Deleted Items’ folder in your outlook

Locate your item, right click and select ‘Move’ > ‘Other Folder’

Select the appropriate location where you want to move the item.

(Is your outlook deleting items on it own ? Hang on! There is an option to correct it. If you find it difficult to fix call our outlook support number for quick assistance)

Suggestions : If you find it meshy to locate your item, do use ctrl+E to find it quickly.


2. What if you fail to find the item in ‘Deleted item folder’

You must look for the items in next hidden folder ‘Recoverable Items’ folder

Further if you fail to locate the items in the second folder as well. You must call one of the Outlook technical support phone number to look for a technician.


3. If you Microsoft outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010 fails to start or ends up with an error “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the outlook window”

Beware, this is a serious issue. You do have an option to troubleshoot the issue yourself but you might end up meshing all the things which may lead to reinstallation and reconfiguration.

In such cases, we appreciate you to dial our Microsoft outlook support number to get a dedicated technician to fix the issue.


4. How to import contacts using a .csv file to outlook 2016, outlook 2013

(First, confirm if you’re using a desktop version of outlook)

Select ‘File’ from the top left corner

Select ‘Open and Export > Import/Export

Another window will open and select ‘Import from other program or file’

Hit ‘Next’

Select ‘CSV’ file followed by Allow duplicated to be created & hit ‘Next’

Choose ‘Finish’


5. If you feel that your outlook account is hacked or outlook password is stolen

(There can be one or multiple ways for your outlook account to have gone hacked, strongest probability is someone might have stolen the password by the unauthorized access of your computer/laptop. As this is a serious issue and threat to your personal information you should immediately contact at a Microsoft outlook support number )


If your Microsoft outlook email account is hacked, chances are you must have performed an action which wasn’t required, unknowingly. Hackers use certain tricks to get into your personal email account.

Malware - You may have downloaded an unsafe programme or browser toolbar that might have recorded the keystrokes, thereby revealing the password.

Attacking other sites – Hackers might have broken into some other websites which you may have signed up for and picking up the passwords from there thereby making an attempt to get into your outlook email account.

Phishing – Attackers trick people making them reveal their account information, can be a scenario.

First, you must clean your PC using an antivirus program or Microsoft security essentials before you try an attempt to change the password

Or, you may contact us by dialing our outlook support phone number to let us handle the situation.

Your account setting may have compromised, so you must reset your account settings.

Restore all the existing emails and contacts.

At times this can be hectic and time taking for you to restore your account with an optimum security, calling us or any renounced outlook expert for support can be a clever decision.




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