What To Do If Windows Vista Is Not Detecting Xbox One Controller

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Support For Vista

When you try to connect Xbox One controller with the Windows Vista OS, sometimes, your Windows Vista computer will not be able to detect the controller that you have connected. The main reason of this problem is due to the lack of Xbox 360 controller drivers in your computer. Therefore, according to Microsoft support for Vista web pages, the only way to solve this issue is by downloading and installing the Xbox 360 controller driver in your Vista computer from the official website of Microsoft.


  • Start the troubleshooting steps by connecting your Xbox One controller to your Windows Vista computer. After that, open your web browser by double clicking its shortcut icon seen in the desktop and navigate to the Download web page called Microsoft Gaming Software. Wait until the Downloads page opens completely in your browser.
  • Now, you need to select the option called Controller when asked for the type of product and as the product, you need to select the option labeled Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Next, when asked for your type of operating system, you need to select Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit) followed by selecting your language. Finally, click the button called Go.
  • To download the driver installation file, you need to follow the instructions that are seen in your screen. Now, Windows will ask you to choose a convenient location for the file that you are downloading and select the location according to your wish. After that, you need to double click the downloaded file and click the option called Install. Now, your Windows Vista computer will start the installation process and when the installation is completed, you need to restart your computer.

    Microsoft Tech Support

    Vista Support

  • Now, you need to test the controller that you have connected. To do this, you need to open the Windows Vista Start menu by clicking the button called Start and in the Start search box that is seen, you need to enter joy.cpl followed by pressing the key called Enter. Now, try all the functions on your controller by selecting the option called Xbox 360 Controller and then Properties.

These instructions from the Widows support team will help you to fix issues related to Windows Vista not detecting the Xbox One controller. For more Microsoft support for Vista, contact our Microsoft tech support team.

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Some Of The Advantageous Features Of Windows 7

Windows Support

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Windows 7 is currently considered the most popular Windows operating system from Microsoft. It claims about 51.05 percentage of the total Windows market share. According to a recent report, Windows 7 is the first preference for people when it comes to choosing a desktop operating system, although it has passed 4 years since its release. According to Microsoft, mainstream Windows support for the operating system will be over by end of 2015. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a reason for you to dislike it because Windows 7 is eligible for extended support until 2020.

Windows 7 features

Microsoft has integrated a number of features with Windows 7. It is an overhauled version of Windows Vista. Most of the traditional Windows features are retained in Windows 7.

If you are familiar with older Windows versions, say Windows XP or Windows Vista, Windows 7 shouldn’t confuse you. You will be familiar with the operating system instantly. The operating system runs quite smoothly.

System requirements for Windows 7

Microsoft has made a small change in the system requirements for Windows 7 from the previous versions. Feel free to visit Microsoft support page for accurate information about the system requirements. The increased system requirements for Windows 7 should assure you of improved performance while using it in your system.

Windows 7- The most trusted OS for personal computers

According to experts, Windows 7 is the most trusted operating system for personal computers. The operating system is compatible with a large number of older and almost all latest applications. If you are looking for a change of your present operating system, say Windows XP or Vista, because of the frequent issues of freezing, Windows 7 is the best alternative you can think of. Windows 7 does not cause frequent freezing issues. It runs all applications smoothly, no matter how big the application is.

Attractive and simple user interface

Traditional Windows Features

Windows Help Desk

Another advantageous feature that Windows 7 boasts is the attractive but simple user interface. All features, programs and settings are well organized in Windows 7. If you are a Windows Vista user, you must know how the cluttered appearance of the user interface could affect your tasks. But, Windows 7 does not cause such mess.

With about 51.05% market share, Windows 7 is certainly the most suitable Windows operating system for average PC users. On top of all, Windows 7 causes no system crashes. So, there is always peace of mind while using the operating system. In case of any mess, you can contact the Windows support centre for a fix.

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OmniTech Support Windows 7 Tips & Tricks: Remapping Keyboard keys & No Reboot Windows Update

Learn how to remap keyboard keys in your Windows 7 computer, without reboot update. Check out the video tutorial by Omni Tech support here:


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Syncing Microsoft Outlook With An MSN Email Account

Outlook Help Desk

Outlook Support

Windows Live mail is a freeware email application developed by Microsoft. This program is often termed as a successor to Outlook Express on Windows XP and Windows Mail on Windows Vista. The users can download this application via the Windows Essentials suite. Microsoft Outlook application on the other hand is one of the most preferred email programs that has a number of advanced and sophisticated features. Outlook can also be downloaded separately as a standalone application. According to the technicians at the Outlook help desk, you can sync Outlook with your MSN account easily.

The merging of an MSN account with Outlook is different from the procedure of syncing Outlook with other email clients because here, you need to download an Outlook extension called the Outlook Connector. You can use the following instructions provided by the Outlook help desk technicians to sync Microsoft Outlook with your MSN email account.

Download and install the Outlook Extender

  • At first, you need to wait for the OS to load in your system. Now, you can open the web browser and then navigate to Microsoft’s Outlook Connector download page. Now, click on Download and then select the option to open the file instead of saving it when you get a pop up message. Now, click on Run.

During the download process, you may get a warning message on the computer screen depending on your browser and operating system. But you need not worry and can continue the procedure.

  • You can complete the installation of Outlook Connector by following the on-screen instructions that you can see in the setup wizard.

    Standalone Application

    Outlook Connector

Merging Hotmail with Outlook

  • After you have successfully installed the Outlook Connector, you need to close the setup wizard and then run Microsoft Outlook. Here, you’ll get a message that will prompt you to configure the Outlook Connector.
  • You need to type in your email address, the password and your name. Now, you can click on OK to complete the setup.
  • Now, you can wait for Outlook to configure and load. After it has been finished, you can check the navigation pane to see your Hotmail account. Now, you’ll be able to send and receive emails to that account using Outlook.

These instructions provided by the Outlook help desk technicians can successfully help you to configure your MSN account with Outlook. For more assistance on the same, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

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Microsoft To Stop Support For Windows Server 2003

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In a recent post that appeared in the Windows support website, Microsoft made it clear that they are going to stop the support provided to their Windows Server 2003. This move from Microsoft is seen by many as a move to increase and boost the adoption of cloud based services in the industry. According to the post in their latest blog, the 11 year old server operating system will no longer receive patches and updates from Microsoft after July 14 of next year. This situation will lead the customers of Server 2003 to face the same consequences that Windows XP users who have not migrated to a new operating system have to face.

Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has found with extensive research that when the plugs of Windows Server 2003 are pulled, it will make a large boost in the cloud industry as most of the Server customers are planning to move to cloud services after the server operating system is removed from the market. CIF published their survey results, which states that about 61% of the total corporate companies whom they questioned are opting for cloud services after the end of support for Windows Server 2003.

The CEO of CIF stated that since most of the corporate companies are going to opt for cloud services after Microsoft takes out Windows support for Server 2003, there would be huge need for cloud service providers. CIF also points out that Microsoft might come up with a massive propaganda to bag all the Windows Server customers to their cloud services. Analysts predict that it might be similar to that of the propaganda to make users upgrade from Windows XP when they announced the end of support from the thirteen year old operating system.

Windows Server Customers

Get Support For Windows Server

If you are in the cloud service industry, then you know that cloud services are used on an as and when needed basis and the end of support for Windows server gives rise to the need for cloud services. If you could come up with better services and deals, then you would be able to bag many customers. Cloud Industry Forum predicts that by June 2014, about 78% of the total industries would be using cloud services.

However, according to the data from our research, we were able to find that nine out of ten companies would continue to use on premise IT solutions along with cloud services due to security concerns of their data.

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