Online Tech Support For MS Windows Problems

Windows Support

The best thing about online technical support is that you get to access their services at any time, based on your convenience and comfort. Moreover, they are affordable when compared to the traditional way of calling an in-house technician for help. With the outburst of tech support service-providers, several changes have taken place. People have become more productive since they do not have to wait for someone to come home and help them with the issues.

When it comes to online tech support like Windows Support, all you have to do is call up the toll free number and have the device, which has issues, like your computer, laptop and such ready. The best thing about tech support providers is that they are ready to help you with any type of issue. One of the most important things that complement such service industries in the field of customer and technical support is the help rendered through remote connection.

There are plenty of service providers offering tech support for Microsoft products. All these technicians are certified Microsoft technicians. Hence, they will be able to deal with any type of issues that arise on a Windows computer. Customized support is also rendered for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP computers for Windows support.

Some of the services rendered are,

  • Individual users
  • Small businesses
  • IT enterprises

There are plenty of companies that provide tech support for people. Not all of them have the ability to render the best support. Some of them provide average help while some of them provide excellent support. Hence, you need to look for certain things when you choose a service provider.

Technical Support

The company should be legitimate to be running a valid business. Moreover, they should be a registered firm. The mode of payment should be legal and legitimate. You need to look if the company accepts payment in the name of the company or not. In case you find them, taking payments in the name of an individual, then back off. You should not be moving further with them.

The company should have an independent policy for customer reviews in order to carry out a legitimate and fair business. These reviews provided by different users will help new customers to know about the services rendered before they can rely on the company.

Look into the website of the support providers and get to know more about them including the various services provided. Finally compare with the other service providers concerning the service, reviews and the service fee charged.

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Fitbit Is The First Fitness Tracker To Support Windows Phone

Windows Support

Fitbit is a company that manufactures activity trackers that are wearable and wireless enabled. These devices are useful in measuring the number of steps walked by the user, the quality of sleep, food measure and many more such personal metrics. You can wear it on the wrist while going for a walk or running to check on the amount of workout done. This is an effort of incorporating fitness to Windows Phone, which would be one of its kind.

For the past one year, it has been a fabulous time for fitness freaks. Plenty of activity trackers and other activity measuring bands have hit the market. However, these activity trackers were limited only to Apple iPhone and Android phones until now. People with other Smartphones were not able to utilize these trackers. The good news is that, people who have a Windows Phone will now be able to use Fitbit activity tracker. Windows Phones running on Windows Phone 8.1 will support Fitbit. To know more, visit the Windows Support page on our website.

Even as an app, Fitbit lets Windows Phone users track their progress on the goals set, edit the target, create newer goals at the end of the current one and many more such things. When you look at the app, you would notice that the app on Windows Phone and Apple iPhone would be similar. The wearable Fitbit counterpart is connected to the Smartphone through Bluetooth. You also have an option to make friend with your friends or others using the same app. To make things all the more fun, you have an option to create leader boards in order to compete with the other participants.

Support Fitbit

People who recently purchased would know about the different apps released for Windows Phone 8.1. After famous apps like Uber and Adobe Reader, Fitbit has been launched for Windows Phone users. The strategy of encouraging app developers in Microsoft looks like it has not come to an end yet. Nevertheless, looks like things have changed from what it was earlier.

Fitbit is available for download for Windows Phone users from the official Windows Phone store. This app would also work with devices like Fitbit One or Fitbit Flex. Get to know more on the app and its functionalities from the Windows support page in our website. Fitbit has always been a favorite app among fitness freaks as they are allowed to measure their progress and compare results with others and many such things.

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Rearranging The Windows 7 Start Menu

Windows Support

The Windows 7 Start menu is currently the most advanced of its kind, because the subsequent Windows 8 scrapped this little bit, much to users’ ire. It is better looking than the ones you’d see in Vista and XP, and is accessed in the same way – by clicking on the Start button at the bottom left. This doesn’t have the word Start on it, like the button in XP does. Because everyone knows how it works.

How to personalize the Taskbar and Start menu properties

  • Right click on the Start button and then choose Properties. Find the Start Menu tab, and then hit Customize.
  • From here, you’ll be able to set the appearance of the Computer, Control Panel, Documents and other listings in the menu. Under each, there are the following options: Display as a link, Display as a menu, and Don’t display this item. Check each out and decide what you want.
  • There’s also an option to Sort All Programs menu by name, and another one to Use large icons.

Windows support instructions for customizing the left pane

The left pane gives you a list of the most frequently used programs and applications. There’s a line cutting this into two parts, where the lower section shows the most recently used programs. What you can do is right click on an entry and then choose to keep it there, or to remove it.

One of the context options is to pin the entry to the Start menu. A pinned entry moves above the line. It’ll stay there until you right click it and select the Unpin from Start Menu option. Also, the pinned items can be dragged up and down to arrange them in your preferred order.

Windows 7 Start Menu

Customizing the All Programs menu

Got to Start > All Programs, and you’ll see a list of all the installed applications. You can organize this too. The entries can be reordered by dragging them upwards or downwards. There’s also the option to place items into submenus, by hovering over the containing menu until it expands and shows what’s inside. This same method can also be used to nest submenus within one another. Submenus can be managed from inside the Explorer in Windows.

For more such Windows support tips and guidelines, check out the latest posts here. Use the search function to find a specific topic you wish to read up on.

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Tailoring Windows 8 For More Comfortable Use

Windows Support

There are many faults users find with Windows 8, and I can’t say any of them are blown out of proportion. All the numerous Windows 8 problems aside, there are ways you can customize this OS so that it delivers a fairly decent computing experience. If you were one of the early takers, and are still waiting for Windows 10 to come out, there’s no reason to not make the best of what you have. Here are a few Windows support tips you can use.

  • Get rid of the lock screen picture. Your can do this from the Start screen. Click on Change PC Settings, and then Personalize, before choosing Lock screen.
  • Customizing the screen apps can make the Start screen lighter and faster, and also serve to remind you less of the absent Start menu. You can even set the background to be a static picture instead of a sliding one, and remove items you don’t need. Keep just the battery level, unread emails, and other important notifications. This will get rid of the cluttered feel.
  • The color setup for the start screen can be customized too; this is the same setting which you configure when you set up Windows for the first time. It’s meant to make the Windows more visually appealing at the edges. To adjust this, go to the Settings charm and then hit Change PC settings, then Personalize. This will let you select the Start screen and then make the necessary changes.

    Windows 8 Problems

  • Changing the tiles sizes is another thing which might make the whole appearance better. While this doesn’t speed up the system, it’s useful for apps which are really big the first time they appear on the Start screen. You can do a variety of things including unpinning, resizing and rearranging app tiles.
  • Default apps can be set out the way you want them, by right clicking inside a program running screen. You can also pick out specific content from inside an app so that this appears in the Start menu, instead of the whole app.
  • You can arrange the taskbar setting to your own preference. For this, you need to right click on the taskbar and then choose Properties from the context menu. Here you’ll see the current settings, which you can make changes to.

These are some of the things you can do to make Windows 8 easier to use, especially on a desktop PC. For more Windows support tips and guidelines, you may check out other recent posts.

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The Best Features Of Office 2013

Microsoft Support Site

Microsoft has introduced a number of advanced features to Office 2013. The office suite of desktop applications comprise of a list of programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. that provide the users a plethora of options to manage their personal and professional data. For any issues related to the Office suite, you can check the Microsoft support site. Here, you will find a list of troubleshooting steps that you can use to resolve the issues in Office. Some of the top features in Microsoft Office 2013 include the following. Touch interface Since this is the age of touch-screen devices, Microsoft has introduced features in Office to make it compatible on Smartphones and tablets. The Office 2013 version reacts to touch instantly without any delay. Also, the users can now zoom in or zoom out the documents, presentation and images on the screen. Cloud sharing features Now, the files in the Microsoft Office suite of applications would get automatically saved in the cloud based service, SkyDrive. While the content is saved online, the users have plenty of options to access the documents. One of them is to access them through portable devices while the other option is to access the documents offline. The users need to reconnect it in order to sync the service with the cloud storage application. OneNote The best part of OneNote is that it allows gathering important notes about the users and these may be in the form of audio messages, images, texts or even images. Once the information is created, the notes get

Microsoft Office 2013

automatically saved onto the cloud storage service i.e. SkyDrive. Even this application can be accessed through all portable devices and by accessing the same, you can make necessary changes to the information. Skype Skype has replaced Windows Live Messenger as the most widely used instant messenger application and now Microsoft has ensured that the feature will be able in the latest version of Office. According to the information in the Microsoft support site, the users can get around 60 minutes of talk time every month and also include Skype contacts for instant chats. PDF editing

With the latest Office 2013 version, the users can edit their PDF documents. The Microsoft Office 2013 users will be able to open, format save as well as edit their PDF documents. These are some of the features included in Office 2013. To get more information on the same, feel free to contact our tech support team.

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