Instructions For Uninstalling Vista And Replacing It With Windows XP

Microsoft support for Vista

Microsoft support for Vista

The Microsoft operating system released after Windows XP is Windows Vista and it is not possible to install Windows XP over Vista operating system. However, if your hard drive is divided in to partitions, then you can easily install Windows XP on one part and Windows Vista on the other. But, in case, if the hard drive isn’t partitioned and if you need to install Windows XP over Vista, then the only possible way is by removing Vista first by formatting the drive, and then installing the XP operating system. Well, given below are some easy instructions from the Microsoft support for Vista blog to uninstall Windows Vista and for replacing it with Windows XP.


  • Start the process by creating a backup of all your important data existing in your computer to a remote backup server or to a separate hard drive or to any CD or DVD. It is also possible to save these data in the same drive on another partition. However, then, you are not allowed to do the repartition or formatting of your drive.
  • After that, you need to put the Windows XP CD in to the CD drive of your computer and need to once again restart your machine. When the system prompt you to Press Any Key to Boot from CD, you need to press the spacebar on your keyboard.
  • Next, to start the installation process of Windows XP, you need to hit the Enter key. If the system asks you to accept the Software License Terms, you need to click the button yes.
  • For selecting the install partition, you need to use the arrow keys seen on your keyboard. To initiate the installation
    Windows XP over Vista

    Support for Microsoft Windows XP

    process, you need to hit the Enter key. To format the partition, you need to select one among the four options. Once the formatting is completed, you can initiate the installation process by hitting the Enter key.

  • Now you need to allow the machine to install automatically. The complete installation process will take several times and there is a chance that your system will restart many times during this process. Follow the on screen instructions carefully and type the product identification number when you are asked.

The above instructions will help you to uninstall Windows Vista and replace with the Windows XP operating system. For more information on this, visit the Microsoft support for Vista website.

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Removing Norton Toolbar From Internet Explorer

Remove Toolbar

Toolbar Issues

Although most toolbars have specific functions aimed at providing a comfortable browsing experience to the users, most users think about uninstalling these add-ons. According to the Windows tech support, one of the prime reasons to remove toolbar is because most of the times when it replaces your browser’s default home page with its own site. In addition to this, some such as Norton toolbar, representing Norton anti-virus, would conflict with software installation or the operating system. So, if you are having any such issues in your system, the best option would be to remove the Norton toolbar permanently.

To remove toolbar from your system, you can use the following instructions provided by the Windows tech support technicians:

  • In the first step, you need to launch Internet Explorer in your system. For this, you can click on the Start menu and then click on the Program Files option.
  • Now, you need to click on Tools followed by Manage Add-Ons menu option from the File menu. You can verify the name of the Norton Add-On listed on the display by checking the name of the toolbar add-on. It would be as Norton.dll.
  • After verifying it, you need to click on Start followed by Run and then type in command in the search text box. Now, type the enter key.
  • In the next step, you should type regsvr32 /u “C:\Program Files\Symantec\norton.dll” and then hit the Enter key. Once you enter it, the Norton toolbar would be disabled on the Internet Explorer installed on your computer. Meanwhile, you can also contact Windows tech support anytime if you face any issues.
  • Now, you need to double-click the Norton icon on the computer’s application. You can also find the same option in the system tray. Once you have clicked on the option, you need to select the Settings menu button.

    Search Text Box

    Toolbar Updates

  • In the final step, you would require de-selecting the Phishing Protection check box, available on the control panel. After un-checking the option, you can close the program by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner of the application. Now, you can restart your computer and once it boots up, check if the toolbar still exists.

These steps would help you to permanently remove the Norton toolbar from your system. To know more about the features of Norton toolbar, feel free to dial our 24/7 Windows technical support number.

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CU1 For System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Released By Microsoft

Microsoft Support Site

Microsoft Support Team

Microsoft has now released the Cumulative Update 1, commonly called as CU 1, for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager. The CU 1 was released in advance of an expected second quarter ship date that was forecasted in a blog post by Brian Huneycutt, who is a developer at Microsoft’s Configuration Manager Sustained Engineering team. The Cumulative Update 1 is available through the Microsoft support site. Brian Huneycutt stresses that the organizations should apply for CU1 “if you are encountering, or believe you may encounter, one of the issues fixed by current CU (or a prior one).” He also explained that applying the CU1 would set a new servicing baseline for the Configuration Manager.

Huneycutt also indicated that Microsoft is planning to ship its Cumulative Updates for System Center every quarter. The numbering system of CU will be reset on each product release. Microsoft releases its cumulative updates to fix those problems that are reported by the product users. The CU 1 is aimed at fixing a long list of problems, which are described very well in the Microsoft support article. The Cumulative Update does not need a reboot for it to take effect and the version that is reported after applying the CU1 will be 5.0.7958.1203.

System Center 2012 R2

Microsoft Support Service

The fixes in CU 1 address the basic as well as obscure functions in the Configuration Manager. An Administrator Console problem is addressed in which the wrong software update may be selected for an OS image after sorting a list. Another issue is with enrolling Android devices. This type of issue happens after enrolling a device in Mobile Device Management and Exchange Active Sync (EAS). The Cumulative Update 1 also adds a wake-up proxy feature that helps to avoid falsely identifying the client computers as being in the sleep mode. The Configuration Manager was also reporting external USB devices as fixed disks rather than removable media. It is expected that the CU 1 release will address the issues that are associated with this misidentification.

There are many more fixes listed in the support article from Microsoft, but the CU 1 helps with other Microsoft products that can be used. For example, those Organizations that are running Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0 Service Pack 2 get support with the CU1 release as this update addresses the package-publishing problem. If you wish to know more on the CU 1 update, you can visit the Microsoft support site.

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Patch Fix Released To Address iPod Eject Problems In Vista

Microsoft Support For Vista

Contact Microsoft Support

The extended Microsoft support for Vista will only end in three years from now. So, Vista users have still time to reflect upon a future upgrade to a later OS unlike their XP counterparts. However, even while Vista enjoys extended support from Microsoft, it puts the users in problems often. A grave Vista problem that occurred to many users recently and for which Microsoft was criticised severely was that the operating system caused corruption of iPods when they were ejected from Vista running machines. Although Microsoft came up with a solution immediately by releasing a patch, it was not capable of fixing the issue completely.

Microsoft and Apple co-operate to release the patch

Even though the first update patch didn’t work well, the second patch was effective. It was reported the second patch was actually developed by both Microsoft and Apple together. Apparently, one need not doubt the efficiency of a patch update when it is developed under the co-operation of two software giants.

Apple angers Microsoft with its warning to users

Meanwhile, it was reported that all didn’t go well with Apple and Microsoft. Prior to the release of the patch update that would fix problems with ejecting iPads from Vista machines, Apple had alerted all its iPad users to refrain from using Vista machines for syncing and data transferring. Although Apple released this warning with a good intention to save its iPad users from getting their devices corrupted, it angered Microsoft. From its end, Apple also released a crucial update to its iTunes which would address a lot of issues that Vista caused to iPads while syncing.

Safely Remove Hardware

Vista Support

In a press release, an Apple spokesperson had said that should Microsoft have replaced the problematic Safely Remove Hardware feature in Vista which caused corruption of iPads while ejecting them from Vista, it would have been much better. In fact, Apple didn’t intend to point figure at the Redmond based giant. However, Redmond Company reacted to these indirect attacks quickly by releasing a patch fix immediately after that.

The patch fix that Microsoft has just releases for Vista will fit on all versions for Vista (x86 and x64-bit versions) as well as editions. Nonetheless, Microsoft alerted all its Vista users to backup the files before running the patch fix. Thanks to Microsoft support for Vista, no users who ran the patch fix have encountered problems with ejecting their iPods.

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Steps To Repair Silverlight Upgrade Errors On Netflix

Microsoft Support Site

Microsoft Support Issues

Netflix is one of the largest providers of online Internet streaming media provider in the world. These services are said to make use of Microsoft’s famous Silverlight technology to distribute content over the web. According to the information provided on the Microsoft support site, the plugin that controls video playbacks and digital rights management is compatible with most modern web browsers. Sometimes, however, you may experience issues and get Silverlight upgrade errors. In most cases, these occur due to a browser bug, compatibility issues or even the file getting corrupted due to the errors in the previous installed Silverlight data.

However, you do not have to worry now. In cases of such Silverlight upgrade errors on Netflix, you can follow these instructions given on the Microsoft support site:

  • First, you would require downloading and opening the Microsoft Silverlight Fixit tool. Once launched, you need to click on Next in order to check through the list of troubleshooting wizard options. These would help you to scan and fix the Silverlight problems.
  • Now, you need to download and install the latest version of your Web browser software from the developer’s website. This is essential because this would help in improving the compatibility with the newest versions of Netflix and Silverlight and would also replace the damaged and deleted browser files.
  • Now, you need to open your browser without any plugins or extensions and check if it solves the problem. For disabling the extensions, you can use your browser’s built-in add-ons manager, and especially those related to video playback and streaming. These may interfere with Silverlight’s operation so it is essential to remove these add-ons.
  • You can click on the Control Panel option from the Start menu and then choose Uninstall a program option. Now, click on Microsoft Silverlight and choose the Uninstall option. Now, restart your computer, load Netflix and run Silverlight from the starting.

    Browser Bug

    Microsoft Updates

  • You can also resort to the latest versions of the anti-virus programs to fix the Silverlight upgrade errors. By downloading and running the latest version of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, you can ensure that Silverlight upgrade is not being blocked a security tool that considers it to be a threat.
  • You can also use Netflix-related cookies stored in your browser to troubleshoot and fix the Silverlight upgrade errors.

These steps would ensure that you can fix the Silverlight upgrade errors easily on Netflix. To get more assistance, feel free to contact our technical support team.

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