Windows Vista Support To End Soon

Microsoft Support For Vista

Arguably one of the worst operating systems developed by the software maker, Windows Vista was unceremoniously sidelined by its much popular predecessor Windows XP. Windows XP, as we all know has been and will be the most familiar Microsoft OS in the history Operating Systems developed by the software maker. Windows Vista was the exact opposite in terms of the popularity level and quality of OS. There are too many issues with the OS, which ultimately irritated and annoyed users to switch to Windows XP. The problems were even in the basic features and functionalities.

With the end of Windows XP, now Microsoft is targeting Windows Vista as its next victim. This may not be shocking to many since there are not many Windows Vista users, but surely something to think of for the users. End of Microsoft support for Vista means there will be no security patches, feature updates and various other features provided by the software maker. Windows XP had an illustrious time at the top of the ratings and popularity chart. Unfortunately Windows Vista will have a sad demise unnoticed and uncared for.


Windows 7, one of the best and most popular Operating Systems in the software universe, can gain from the exit of Windows Vista. With the end of support for XP, most Windows XP users moved to Windows 7, rather than Windows Vista. That is understandable considering the issues the OS have. End of Microsoft support for Vista does not mean only the end of mainstream support, which will happen with Windows 7 next year. This is the end of support just like what happened with Windows XP.

It is best to move on to newer operating systems after or before the end of support. Latest operating systems such as Windows 8/8.1 offer some exciting features that are far more advanced. Even the OS experience is new and fast. If that is not the case, you can move to Windows 7, which is the popular OS at present. Windows 7 looks much similar to Windows Vista. What is better is that the problems have been resolved and the features are much better and enhanced. The OS load speed is better and much faster than Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Whatever may be your choice, it is best not to continue using an unsupported OS; this can result in security threats and various malware issues. It is wise to move on to newer operating systems.

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Why Windows Operating Systems Enjoy Great Success

Microsoft Support Page

Windows operating system designed and marketed by Microsoft is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Sure, there are other alternatives, but none of these operating systems enjoy the same level of popularity Microsoft enjoys.

The Microsoft operating system is extremely successful because of the technical support Microsoft provides. Whether you use Windows OS for home, business or enterprise use, Microsoft provides technical support services at the touch of a button. If you come across any issue with your Microsoft powered computer, you can easily contact the toll-free service provided and get your computer fixed in no time.

If you are no longer running Windows mainstream-support editions, you can still get support services from third party support companies. There are several third-party software support services that will help you in troubleshooting any computer related issue. If you detect any issue with your Windows operating system, you can go to our Microsoft support page and receive further information.

The support services provided are not limited to issues with the operating system; they also include application software provided by Microsoft. Hence, if any of your Office suite programs, like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or OneNote has any problem you would like to fix, you can contact the tech support services. Most business and enterprise users come across issues when running Microsoft Outlook. If you require any technical support with the email client application, you will be able to get the same by calling up the technical support executives.

Tech Support Services

The most common issues with Windows powered PCs include OS stability issues after recent update issued from Microsoft and Virus infections. The support services are capable of recovering all the data as well as removing any malicious software in even the worst circumstances. Other contemporary support services provided by our Microsoft support page include Xbox and Games Support, Windows Media Support, Cloud Services Support, Windows Phone Support, Security Essentials Support and many more.

As the old adage goes, “prevention is better than cure.” It holds true for computers as well since it is generally advisable to ensure no problems arise rather than handling them once you come across them. In order to do so, our tech support services have provided technical support blogs that detail how to use your computer in the most efficient manner.

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Upcoming Windows 10 Builds Will Contain Anticipated Features -Report

customer_support (1)

Microsoft has announced that the next Windows 10 build dubbed Windows 10 build 9901 will be released on 21st January. According to sources privy to Microsoft’s Windows support desk, the upcoming build will carry a slew of new features that the previous builds missed. This includes the much anticipated Cortana feature as well. Take a look at some of the brand new features integrated with Windows 10 build 9901.


Windows 10 build 9901 has Cortana as the default feature. It stays as a search box close to the Start button. There are two methods to use this option; voice search and type search. If you wish to use the former option, select the mic button that you can see inside the search box and speak out what you wish to search. The type search option in Cortana can be used just like any other search option. If you find that the search box eats up too much screen space, you can make it appear just like a search button.

Xbox App

Leaked reports about the upcoming Windows 10 build 9901 indicate that Microsoft has integrated a brand new Xbox app with it. According to the reports, the Windows 10 version of the Xbox app will look quite similar to the Games app that you may be familiar with in your Windows Phone devices.In fact, the Xbox App for Windows 10 has borrowed a number of features from the Games app for Windows Phone. This includes chat with friends’ option, Xbox Live Profile, achievements and scores, Windows Live profile and activity feed.

Windows 10 Features

In addition to the preloaded features, Windows 10 build 9901 allows users to improve the existing features by adding extra features like OneDrive backup. For instance, in Windows 10 build 9901, there is a much-advanced option for synchronizing OneDrive backup. Users are allowed to set OneDrive as the backup option from their PC settings. This offers better PC backup options.

Windows support page had highlighted the ability to use icons as one of the unique Windows 10 features. However, this feature was in a latent stage in the previous builds. In Windows 10 build 9901 however, it is announced that the icons and User Interface get some remarkable improvements.

In addition to the above discussed features, Microsoft has integrated a number of other features like better Windows Update service, app integration etc with the upcoming build.

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A Useful Hack Allows XP Users To Get Windows XP Security Updates Until April 2019

Official End Of Support

We all know now that the old Windows XP operating system has been removed from the list of products that are offered official Microsoft Windows support. Though the operating system software has outlived most operating systems developed by the software maker, its death meant that millions of Windows XP users would not be receiving any kind of official support from the world’s leading software manufacturer Microsoft. Microsoft was at its wit’s end with Windows XP, because the company had to extend the end of support dates many times for Windows XP, due to pressure from users and the overwhelming number of requests from many SMBs and Windows XP users across the globe. However, this time it’s real, and there will be no more extensions to the official end of support, Windows XP is actually dead.

The death of Windows XP means users will not be receiving official security updates, feature updates, or security patches, either paid or free. Millions of Windows XP users would have to migrate to newer systems if they want to enjoy the support provided by the software company. Lack of security updates means the Operating System is extremely unsafe for use. Even before the end of Windows support for XP, XP computers were the target of many attacks from hackers, malicious codes, malware and many other things that can potentially harm the system.

Before you decide to move on to newer Windows operating systems, something important has happened, which you should be taking into consideration. Rumor is that users can now avail the Windows XP Security Updates until April 2019! This looks contradictory to the statements made before regarding the end of official Windows XP support. Actually, this is a hack, which is not approved by the software maker. But, this tweak is useful in providing the users with what they were seeking. This is not official Windows XP support from Microsoft, but just a redirection of security patches from the Embedded OS edition of Windows XP.

Windows Support


First, users require making a plain text document, and adding the following information,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Then, users need to save the above text file as xp.reg

Next, Windows users need to double-click on this newly-created text file (registry file), and you will see that the contents are added to the registry.

Once completed, you will continue to receive Windows XP security patches until April 2019.

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Where Is The Shutdown Option In Windows 8 OS?

Windows 8 Problems

One of the main Windows 8 problems was that Microsoft did not design a separate version for the desktop users. The desktop users got the same OS designed for tablets and smartphones with a few extra features like the Desktop mode. This is why you will not find a Shutdown option in the main screen, because such an option is not available in your smartphone OS either.

Locating the Shutdown option in Windows 8 OS

We normally use the Power button for turning down the smartphone or the tablet. Microsoft expects you to do the same in Windows 8 as well. So, pressing down the Power button on your desktop PC or laptop is the easiest way to do it. But, if you want to locate the Shutdown option in Windows 8, you will have to go through three or four steps.

Annoyingly, Microsoft has hidden away most of such useful OS settings and options in Windows 8 for the sake of providing a minimalist user interface suitable for the small screen devices like smartphones and tablets. But, in a desktop PC, where there is plenty of screen space, this just becomes one of the Windows 8 problems.

If you want to access the OS options for shutting down the PC, you need to first go to the Charms bar. Just swipe the mouse cursor towards the right edge of the screen and the Charms bar will show up on the main screen. Now, click on the Settings option shown in the Charms bar. This will take you to the Settings options menu.

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There, click on the Power option. This will launch another submenu for the Power options. There, you will find the different OS Power options like Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, etc. Click on the Shutdown option you see there to shutdown the system.

Another easy option is to use the old Alt + F4 key combination. This is the shortcut key for launching the OS Power options in all Windows versions including Windows 8. Another option is to create a shortcut for the Shutdown option you accessed from the Charms bar and save it in the main screen.

Of course, Microsoft has realised this inconvenience to the users and made the necessary changes in Windows 8.1. So, if you upgrade to Windows 8.1, you will get the Taskbar, the Start button and a reduced form of the Start Menu in the OS. Also, the full Start Menu will be making a return in the next Windows OS – Windows 10.

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