Windows XP Support And Vista Mainstream Support Ended

Microsoft Support For Vista

Mainstream Support For Vista Ended

You might be aware by now that the software maker, Microsoft Corporation, has abandoned Windows XP. This means that Windows XP is dead, and users will not receive any kind of security patches, technical assistance, and feature updates. This is a huge blow for XP users, who may not want to move on to some other operating system.

This happened over six months ago; yet you will find millions of users still clinging on to the old OS. Actually, if we look at the recent statistics, Windows XP has not lost its popularity by much. It is still the second most used OS across the world. Though Windows 7 is extremely popular, we should consider the fact that it is new comparatively to XP that is over a decade old, in fact, thirteen years old. To live so long and still being popular is no small achievement.

Windows XP is not the only causality; there is Windows Vista too. The mainstream support for Windows Vista was ended around two years ago, and the extended support will continue until 2017. End of mainstream support means the free updates has stopped. Users now have to pay for most of the services.

Interestingly, the end of Microsoft support for Vista has not affected users that much, because it was not that popular in the cyberspace. There were many issues with the OS, and even some of the basic features had serious errors.

Windows Vista was supposed to be next big thing, re-defining the OS experience and all, but in fact, it was a huge flop. Most Windows XP users did not find it necessary to move on to Vista. And with the arrival of Windows 7, Windows Vista was nowhere in the picture.

Windows XP Is Dead

Vista Tech Support

Actually, the end Microsoft support for Vista, the mainstream support, did not affect Windows users as much as the end of support for Windows XP did. Many XP users still find themselves in denial, not really accepting the fact that their favorite Windows OS is no more supported by the software maker.

Though there can be some logical and even silly reasons for not moving to newer Windows versions, the fact that Windows XP is dead now will not change. Users will be risking a lot by using Windows XP without the essential security updates. It is better to realize that and move on; upgrading to modern, advanced, and secure operating systems.

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Procedure To Check And Repair Corrupt System Files In Windows Vista

Microsoft Support For Vista

Best Microsoft Support For Vista

Having a computer means that you will have issues sometime or the other. You cannot expect your system to work properly every time. Just as we humans get sick, computers can suffer from a variety of issues, which may need immediate resolving for proper functioning.

It is quite normal for users to have their systems undergo troubleshooting. Most of the issues can be concerning your operating system one way or the other. Windows Vista system may suffer from viruses, malware, and corruptions all the time. In such situations, you may need to check Vista system files, and you will get some help from the Windows system itself.

We are talking about a helpful utility called the System File Checker. Here is some Microsoft support for Vista instructions to help you out with the tool. You can follow the same if you have any issues in your Windows Vista computer.

Steps to follow

  • Start your Windows Vista system in Safe Mode, especially when you are unable to access the regular Windows Vista desktop (missing system file). For that, shut down your system and wait a few seconds. Turn it on and press F8 key before the Windows splash screen loads. This will open the Advanced Startup Menu. Use the arrow keys for selecting Safe Mode and then press the Enter key.

    Check Vista System Files

    Microsoft Support For Vista Instructions

  • Next, you need to click on the Start, select All Programs, and then Accessories. After that, right-click on Command prompt and select Run as Administrator option. You need to click on Allow, in case Windows prompts you to confirm that you are the system administrator.
  • Enter sfc /scannow in the command prompt window and then press on the Enter key. This automatically starts Windows System File Checker utility. It will scan the Windows installation directory to see any corruptions, missing or non-authenticated versions of Windows Vista files. Now, by default, the tool replaces the files that do not match with System File Checker’s record of your Windows Vista installation. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to dealing with viruses since some of them replace system files with fakes that have the same name but have malicious purposes.

When the Windows System File Checker utility finishes the process, type Exit and then press Enter to get back to Safe Mode. Restart the system and check if the issue you were facing is fixed.

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Steps To Disable Add-Ins In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Support Site

Features Of Microsoft Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive your emails, you would have also installed some add-ins for the program. Even though Outlook add-ins helps you with numerous functions, you might also encounter some troubles with it. If an add-in in the program becomes corrupted, it can lead to many problems and Outlook might sometimes fail to open. Now, to avoid this situation, it is advisable to disable the add-ins in the program. In this post, we will find out how to disable add-ins in Microsoft Outlook.

Steps Involved

  • Double-click the Microsoft Outlook icon to launch the program.
  • In the Outlook program, select the option File from the menu bar.
  • Choose the option Add-ins from the File menu that opens. This will give you the list of all add-ins installed in the program.
  • Go to the option Manage and click it. Select the menu next to Manage and choose COM Add-ins.
  • Choose the button Go and this will launch the window for COM Add-ins.
  • In order to disable an add-in, all you need to do is click the boxes with checkmarks next to the add-ins. Once you remove the check marks, select the option OK. Close the COM window and then close the Options window.
  • Restart the Microsoft Outlook program.
  • You can also remove the add-ins from the COM Add-ins window. For this, choose the add-ins that you no longer wish to keep in the program and select the Remove button.
  • Select the button OK and then close the windows, which are open.

    Microsoft Programs

    Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

  • Restart the program.

Sometimes, you may not be able to disable the add-ins and might receive an error message, the connected state of office Add-ins registered in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE cannot be changed. This indicates that you are not logged into the administrator account of the computer. According to Microsoft support site, you cannot make these changes if you are not logged into the Administrator account. Follow the steps below in such cases.

  • Close the Outlook program. Press and hold the Shift key and then right click the Outlook icon. Choose the option Run as administrator. Follow the above steps once the Outlook window comes up.

With the above steps, you can disable the add-ins in your Outlook program. For further help on Outlook add-ins or any other Microsoft programs, you may go through the Microsoft support site or contact our technical support team.

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Fixing Start Up Problems In Vista

Microsoft Support For Vista

Vista PC Support

Computer problems aren’t a rare occurrence with Vista machines, and that probably explains why this OS was so widely panned in its time. Although not as heavily derided as Windows 8 is now, it was still bad enough to cause knit brows. Some of the major issues faced by users are:

  • Incompatible software
  • Boot problems
  • Dawdling startup
  • Hardware and driver failures
  • Upgrade blocks
  • Frequently disconnected Wi-Fi

Now, if you have a problem in your Vista computer, which you can’t fix yourself, you’d have to call technical support for help. Back when this OS was still receiving support, you could call Microsoft and get free support and assistance. But since Mainstream Microsoft support for Vista was cut out in 2012, your only option is to call third party tech support providers.

There are many leading companies, which provide some of the best Vista support for your PC, whether you are a home or business user. There are varied packages on offer, which you can choose from, so as to get your needs met in the fastest and most efficient way. You get different levels of issue resolution to speed you past the computational roadblock you’ve hit.

Slow boot issues

This is one of the most common problems when using a Vista PC. Resolving it requires that you know the reason for it. Maybe a software or hardware problem is impeding the start up. The way to proceed is through booting into safe mode. If you’re able to do this, then the software is at fault for start up failure.

Technical Support

Vista Support And Assistance

  • If you’ve installed a new software recently, and it’s only after this that you started noticing the problem you now have, then uninstall this program and see if that makes the system start up normally.
  • System Restore is the other option you need to try out. Using this you can bring back a previous configuration into the system setting, so that whatever happened after that point gets erased. You can find this tool in the System Tools sub heading under Accessories in the Start menu.
  • The hard drive needs to be checked for errors. To do this, right click on the Computer icon and select the Properties option. Go to the Tools tab and hit the Check Now button in the Error-checking section.

If the problem still doesn’t get fixed, there are many alternatives to Microsoft support for Vista, which you can avail.

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The Advantages Of Using Microsoft Office

Microsoft Support Page

Microsoft Online Help

Microsoft Office suite in one of the products from Microsoft that has increased the productivity of office related works. The Office suite is a complete package of Work, Excel Spread Sheets, PowerPoint, Outlook and many more. Every time Microsoft introduces a new version, they add new features. If you have been wondering about the advantages of using Microsoft Office, here are some of them. In case of queries related to Microsoft Office, you may refer the Microsoft support page.

Ample Functionality

Microsoft Office has a collection of applications that are best suited for different tasks. In case you need to work on a word processor to create documents for the office, Microsoft Word is the right application that would help you better. If there are some upcoming events or competitions in the office, you can utilize Microsoft Publisher to create invitations and brochures. With the help of Excel Spreadsheets, you will have a track of different employees in different departments, their roles and many more. There are many more other than these main applications. As you work with the Office suite, you will discover new ways of utilizing the same.

Industry Standard

When you send materials to different people, let it be within the office or to someone outside the office, high standards are to be maintained. When people read documents and other materials regarding work, they prefer them to be organized in the standard format. Clients and contractors would evaluate the company with the standards of the documents created. With the help of Microsoft Office Suite, it is very easy to create documents of such high standards.

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Online Support

Better Adaptability And Tech Support

Not every similar suite has the ability to adapt to different computers. Microsoft Office works seamlessly on both Mac computers and Windows computers. The other Office suites might let you read from another computer, but Microsoft Office allows the users to create files in any computer you please. The best part is that help is available at any time. Microsoft support page has plenty of information for the users. In case they have any doubts or questions, they can look up this help page. Apart from this there is telephone support rendered to users.

Compared to the other Office suites, Microsoft Office is the best one, which is user friendly and offers a multitude of features. It is very easy to use Microsoft Office, even for novice users, and it will not take much time to learn how the applications work.

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