Patch Fix Released To Address iPod Eject Problems In Vista

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The extended Microsoft support for Vista will only end in three years from now. So, Vista users have still time to reflect upon a future upgrade to a later OS unlike their XP counterparts. However, even while Vista enjoys extended support from Microsoft, it puts the users in problems often. A grave Vista problem that occurred to many users recently and for which Microsoft was criticised severely was that the operating system caused corruption of iPods when they were ejected from Vista running machines. Although Microsoft came up with a solution immediately by releasing a patch, it was not capable of fixing the issue completely.

Microsoft and Apple co-operate to release the patch

Even though the first update patch didn’t work well, the second patch was effective. It was reported the second patch was actually developed by both Microsoft and Apple together. Apparently, one need not doubt the efficiency of a patch update when it is developed under the co-operation of two software giants.

Apple angers Microsoft with its warning to users

Meanwhile, it was reported that all didn’t go well with Apple and Microsoft. Prior to the release of the patch update that would fix problems with ejecting iPads from Vista machines, Apple had alerted all its iPad users to refrain from using Vista machines for syncing and data transferring. Although Apple released this warning with a good intention to save its iPad users from getting their devices corrupted, it angered Microsoft. From its end, Apple also released a crucial update to its iTunes which would address a lot of issues that Vista caused to iPads while syncing.

Safely Remove Hardware

Vista Support

In a press release, an Apple spokesperson had said that should Microsoft have replaced the problematic Safely Remove Hardware feature in Vista which caused corruption of iPads while ejecting them from Vista, it would have been much better. In fact, Apple didn’t intend to point figure at the Redmond based giant. However, Redmond Company reacted to these indirect attacks quickly by releasing a patch fix immediately after that.

The patch fix that Microsoft has just releases for Vista will fit on all versions for Vista (x86 and x64-bit versions) as well as editions. Nonetheless, Microsoft alerted all its Vista users to backup the files before running the patch fix. Thanks to Microsoft support for Vista, no users who ran the patch fix have encountered problems with ejecting their iPods.

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Steps To Repair Silverlight Upgrade Errors On Netflix

Microsoft Support Site

Microsoft Support Issues

Netflix is one of the largest providers of online Internet streaming media provider in the world. These services are said to make use of Microsoft’s famous Silverlight technology to distribute content over the web. According to the information provided on the Microsoft support site, the plugin that controls video playbacks and digital rights management is compatible with most modern web browsers. Sometimes, however, you may experience issues and get Silverlight upgrade errors. In most cases, these occur due to a browser bug, compatibility issues or even the file getting corrupted due to the errors in the previous installed Silverlight data.

However, you do not have to worry now. In cases of such Silverlight upgrade errors on Netflix, you can follow these instructions given on the Microsoft support site:

  • First, you would require downloading and opening the Microsoft Silverlight Fixit tool. Once launched, you need to click on Next in order to check through the list of troubleshooting wizard options. These would help you to scan and fix the Silverlight problems.
  • Now, you need to download and install the latest version of your Web browser software from the developer’s website. This is essential because this would help in improving the compatibility with the newest versions of Netflix and Silverlight and would also replace the damaged and deleted browser files.
  • Now, you need to open your browser without any plugins or extensions and check if it solves the problem. For disabling the extensions, you can use your browser’s built-in add-ons manager, and especially those related to video playback and streaming. These may interfere with Silverlight’s operation so it is essential to remove these add-ons.
  • You can click on the Control Panel option from the Start menu and then choose Uninstall a program option. Now, click on Microsoft Silverlight and choose the Uninstall option. Now, restart your computer, load Netflix and run Silverlight from the starting.

    Browser Bug

    Microsoft Updates

  • You can also resort to the latest versions of the anti-virus programs to fix the Silverlight upgrade errors. By downloading and running the latest version of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, you can ensure that Silverlight upgrade is not being blocked a security tool that considers it to be a threat.
  • You can also use Netflix-related cookies stored in your browser to troubleshoot and fix the Silverlight upgrade errors.

These steps would ensure that you can fix the Silverlight upgrade errors easily on Netflix. To get more assistance, feel free to contact our technical support team.

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Windows 8 And Windows OS 8.1 Slowly Gaining In Sales

Windows 8

good sales for Windows 8

The latest operating system released by the tech giant Microsoft is Windows 8. Microsoft introduced this latest operating system with lots of changes making it one of the most versatile operating system. Moreover, Microsoft tried a new interface in this called Metro user interface and it featured a Start screen without a Start button. Microsoft introduced this operating system expecting more sales and popularity. But, the things did not happen as per the Microsoft’s plans as their latest operating system was not a big hit.

There are quite a few reasons for this low sales and popularity. First reason is the lack of the Start button and the second one is the new Metro user interface. This made the customer who is using the latest operating system more confusing. However, this operating system is slowly gaining popularity and at present, it constitutes nearly 10 percent of the market share, which is quite low when compared to the market share occupied by the previous operating systems of Microsoft.

According to a survey conducted by Net Applications in the month of November, it is found that Windows OS 8 constitutes nearly 6.66 percent of computer market share whereas the update to the Windows 8 operating system i.e. Windows OS 8.1 constitutes nearly 2.64% giving it a total of 9.3%. However, in the month of October, the market share of these OSs grow and as a result, Windows OS 8 reached the market share of 9.25%, which was quite high.


Windows 8 features

However, when comparing the market shares of the operating systems, the Windows 7 operating system constituted the majority of the market share at about 46.64 percent. This is the same percentage Windows 7 had in the last month and the number two position is taken by the old operating system from Microsoft i.e. Windows XP, which constitutes almost 31% of market share. After Windows XP, comes the Windows 8 OS.

According to the survey, Windows Vista constituted a very small percentage of computer market share and the tech giant considers Windows Vista as a failure as it has only a small market share. When we are considering the market share of the Mobile OS, the first name that comes to the mind is Apple. Apple constituted nearly 55.17% in the mobile and tablet OS market in the month of November and the second place is taken up by Android.

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Games For Windows Live To End In July

Microsoft Support Page

Microsoft Yanks Out Post On Support Page

Following with an announcement that Games for the windows marketplace will experience a shutdown, Microsoft is now hoping to take out the entire Games service for Windows Live service. Now a newly redacted Microsoft support page will be present on the Microsoft site, pointing to a shutdown date of July 1, 2014.

Reports from Polygon suggest that a message had appeared on the Age of Empire: Online support page on the, which was then removed from the support notes for the game. The message also stated that services for the popular Age of Empires: online would also be removed on the same day. However Microsoft has not revealed whether it will be removing the game entirely or are planning to strip off certain features of the game. However gamers should not get too disappointed as Microsoft did say that players shall be able to “continue to enjoy all the features of Age of Empires Online as the service will remain 100 percent operational until July 1, 2014 when the server will shut down.”

However, it is not certain as to why Microsoft removed their post from the Microsoft support page in the first place. Maybe it was a premature post or posted by accident with the official announcement to come up sometime in the near future. Again it also implicate that Microsoft foes not have a lot of confidence in their current PC game offerings. Many popular titles have employed Games for Windows Live earlier, but a recent drop in its popularity has seen many developers backing away from the service.

Age Of Empires

Microsoft Plan To Remove Games For Windows Live

Nevertheless, not all is lost. Microsoft does have something under the covers that would ultimately replace Games for Windows Live. After hiring former Steam director of business development Jason Holtman the software giant would not like to shift focus onto the “PC gaming and entertainment strategy.” As Steam has been one of pioneers in the PC gaming industry for many years Adding Holtman to the roster could be incredibly advantageous to Microsoft as they attempt to become a bigger name in PC gaming platforms.

Games for Windows Live did however see a decently successful run though Microsoft could have extended the service and added many new features. Hoping that Microsoft can help enhance PC gaming even further. To know more about the end of Games for Windows Live, check up on the support site. We’ll keep you informed if anything new turns up.

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Security Boost For Microsoft Accounts Coming Soon

Microsoft Support Page

New Security Features In Microsoft Accounts

Since security is a serious business, many companies have really improved the account security of the users in the recent years. This response to threats like malware and phishing often steals the account information from innocent users. Two-factor authentications have topped the list as an effort to increase safety and security, by companies like Google, Twitter and Microsoft. The security feature has been offered to all its users. Microsoft announced that it would be rolling out more additional security features in a few days for all the Microsoft account users. To know more about the security features that Microsoft has, visit the Microsoft support page online.

Some Of The New Options And Information

The Microsoft account will have some of the new options and information, which are,

Recent Activity

The new recent activity page will have all the sign-in attempts recorded, be it a successful one or an unsuccessful one. Each attempt is recorded with its status for example if it is an unsuccessful attempt, the reason for it may be for example incorrect password along with the time date and location. In such cases there is an option to let Microsoft know that the attempt was not by you that will take you various steps to protect your Account. The Recent activity support page will give a whole list of status information on the Microsoft website.

Recovery Codes

When the users sign in to their Microsoft account, they will have to verify their account either through email or through phone when the two-step verification feature is enabled. Even if the users lose access to other options when trying to recover their accounts, these recovery codes are helpful. This code can be taken down or printed that can be used to regain access to the Microsoft account.

Security Notifications

There are various options to choose from in the new security notifications page on how to be informed about any security breaches that happen to your account. Microsoft will send notifications according to what you choose. Microsoft has new company guidelines on having your accounts secure. Some of the guidelines that Microsoft has for its users are,

  1. Creating a strong password, this is a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters.

    Security Features

    Two-Step Verification To Support Security

  2. Try to keep your security information up to date.
  3. Do a constant monitoring of your account for any doubtful activities.
  4. Have a good antivirus program installed onto your computer.
  5. Have the two-step verification code turned on.
  6. Have the browsers, other software and other operating systems up to date.
  7. Take care when you visit suspicious websites and emails.
  8. Use a pop-up blocker.

If you find any difficulty with the Microsoft account and its security features, you can visit the Microsoft support page, or call up the toll free number to get help.

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