The Most Advanced Features Of Xbox One

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Xbox One has been ruling the world of gaming consoles for a while now. Although its counterparts like PlayStation and Wii pose stiff competition to the console, Xbox One has been able to attract more users worldwide. But what actually makes this gaming console the most loved one by gamers? Let’s find it out here.

Kinect 2

The most advanced feature to have ever introduced in the console, Kinect 2, offers a plethora of options to the gamers. For example, the users can browse using voice and gesture commands through the Xbox One User interface. According to the Windows support team, there’s also an integrated 1080p camera, 30 FPS color, microphone option and the advanced TOF technology embedded in it to detect the slightest of movements and thereby provide an out of the box gaming experience to the users.

Xbox OneGuide

Another unique feature of Xbox One console is the OneGuide feature, which comprises of all the favorite channels wherein the user can select one with voice commands. In addition to this, Xbox One users can also create their personal channels by pinning the shows and apps they watch the most. There’s also an option to connect to the satellite box through the HDMI cable so that the users can watch their television shows right through the console.

Porting Gamerscore

Certainly one of the best features for top online gamers, Microsoft has included the option to help the users to port their Gamertag and Gamerscore from the previous Xbox 360 to the latest version.

Xbox One controller

As stated by the Windows support team, the controller has been redesigned and given a sleek look in Xbox One compared to what it was in Xbox 360. There’s the familiar Y, X, B and A buttons along with the triggers, analogue stick placements and the dpad in the same positions.


Windows Xbox Updates

Multi tasking ability

Xbox One also provides the users the ability to multi-task. This means that the users can pause one game, move over the dashboard or another game and then move back to the first game without any progress being lost.


Xbox One comes with a memory of 500 GB hard drive, which is just phenomenal when you compare the storage space of other gaming consoles in the market.

Looking at these exquisite features, one can say that Xbox One is indeed the most advanced gaming console available nowadays.

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Instructions For Manually Registering And Repairing Dll In Vista

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In order to execute certain tasks in your Windows Vista PC, you require the support of a set of programs files. When a certain program is executed, these small program files are accessed by your Windows operating system. The library that stores these program files is called DLL (Dynamic Link Library). When tasks like connecting to the device have to be executed, you require the help of DLL immensely.

What to do when DLL gets corrupted?

There can be instances where the DLL gets corrupted. When such problems occur, you will be unable to perform the tasks that require DLL support. In order to resolve the issue, you have to repair the DLL. You have two options to repair corrupted DLL; contact Windows support or troubleshoot the issue on your own. The following steps will assist you to repair corrupted DLL on your own.


  • First of all, get to know the path and names of the files that have to be repaired. You need to know these details in order to register the files as well. If you are a beginner dealing with Windows system files like DLL, it is advisable that you seek the help of a friend who is well versed in the process.
  • Launch the Run command. Navigate to the Start button and choose Run from the resulting menu.
  • Enter regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\Name.dll in the blank field in the Run command dialogue box. Press the Enter button on your keyboard to proceed. Remember, the command given above is only for example purposes. You should be adding the name of the file that is corrupted in your system. If your DLL files are stored in a different drive, say D:\, you should be proceeding with D:\ drive instead of C:\ drive.
    Dynamic Link Library

    Windows Help Line

  • If the path and the name of the file are correct, a dialogue box saying that the file is registered will be displayed after you click the Enter button.
  • Exit the message by clicking the OK button. This will launch the program automatically, in case it doesn’t, launch the program manually.
  • If the error message you get says The specified entry could not be found, verify that you have entered the correct path and name.

The above instructions must have helped you register and repair your DLL. In case the problem persists, seek the help of an expert immediately or get in touch with the Windows support desk.

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Microsoft Launches A Website To Countdown Windows XP EOS

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Windows XP Support

The most popular and widely used operating system that has been with us for years will depart very shortly forever. Yes, the journey of Windows XP operating system has come to an end. The plans to put an end to the operating system began early this year by putting an end to the official Windows support for the Windows XP operating system. Then they moved on to stopping the updates and security patches for the same. Microsoft has launched a small widget countdown timer on the website that would be counting down the last days of the Operating system.

Every operating system developed comes with an expiry date, which is no different in the case of Windows XP. With the cease to the services and support, many people have already switched to the latest operating systems. Due to which there was an evident drop in the market for Windows XP from 32 to 28. However, there are many Windows users still stuck with Windows XP, which Microsoft thinks needs to be stopped before it is too late. Though the operating system would work fine even after the deadline, they would not receive any system updates or security patches. Hence, it is important to switch to the latest operating systems, as Windows XP is vulnerable already.

It seems that there is large number of people using Windows XP, insisting Microsoft to extend the deadline. Nevertheless, it is for sure that Microsoft is not planning to do any such changes. Moreover, with the countdown widget that they chose to put up on the website, it is evident that there is no way back for the operating system. Right from the year 2009, Windows XP came out of the mainstream support and since then it was in the extended support period. The extended support stopped in the month of April this year bidding adieu to the operating system.

Security Patches

Windows Vista Support

Microsoft had earlier warned the users about Windows XP becoming a major playground for the hackers. It is said that there are many security concerns and productivity issues with Windows XP, which is not safer without Windows support. In the worst case, if any of the Windows XP users encounter a hack or issue with the operating system, they would have a tough time since there is no support as such for Windows XP.

On the page of Countdown2Modern, partners and the consumers would get all the necessary information to switch to the latest operating system from Windows XP.

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Reinstall Windows On A Dell PC

Microsoft Support Page

Microsoft Support

You should have the original Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista or XP disk (from Dell) or Dell system restore disk for reinstalling the operating system on your PC. If you do not have the disk, then you can contact the Dell help and support service to send you another disc. To reinstall Windows on a Dell PC, you will have to disconnect all the external devices that are attached to the Dell computer. Insert the Windows XP CD into the optical drive and then restart your computer.

When the setup screen is displayed, press the Enter key on your keyboard. In the Windows XP Licensing Agreement window, read the license, scroll to the bottom, press F8 key on your keyboard to accept the license agreement, and then select the ‘I accept’ option that you can see there to proceed further. You will be taken to the disk partition screen. It can include PC restore or MediaDirect among the other options, depending on the configuration of your PC. Choose the biggest partition and then press the Enter key. When prompted, you can choose to reformat the hard drive by making use of the format partition using the NTFS file system (Quick) or FAT option. It is recommended that you choose NTFS.

Restart Your Computer

Microsoft Help

The setup program will automatically format the hard disk and you can restart the PC when finished. As it can take a good amount of time to finish, be patient and wait until the PC is fully reloaded. After the computer restarts, the reinstallation process will continue. You can choose your regional language option and then input all the other necessary information. After choosing the information, you can click on the Next button. Follow all the instructions carefully and input all the data correctly.

When the Windows OS has been successfully reinstalled on your computer, you can connect to the Internet and then download all the latest updates from the official Microsoft website. You can now install the Dell drivers as well as other applications. You may either make use of the Dell Resource CD to install the drivers or download these from the official Dell website.

Install the latest drivers for the OS that is installed. After finishing, attach the backup media and then restore all the data. These steps are also explained in the Microsoft support page. You can visit the Microsoft support page for any further assistance.

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How To Setup Outlook.Com Email With Mail App

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Finally, Microsoft has made available as a free email service to the users worldwide. Outlook, which is one of the most preferred email versions across the globe, comprises of several advanced and useful features. It is possible for the Outlook users to use any web browser to check mail in the email program. Similarly, the users can also use the Mac OSC Mail App or a standard POP3 client for the same purpose.

Many users face issues in setting up the email with Mail App in their devices. Although the users can refer the Microsoft support site to get more information on the configuration of Outlook, it is also easier to do the same all by yourself. For this purpose, you can use the following instructions provided by the Outlook tech support team.

Outlook Mail Servers:

Incoming Mail Server (POP3):

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

IMAP server:

For the outgoing server, use SSL, and port 25, 465, or 587.


  • At first, you need to open the Mail app and pull down the Mail menu in order to choose the Preferences option. Now, you can click on the Accounts tab followed by the + icon to add a new account.
  • In the next step, you need to type in your full name, which you’d like to get attached to the mail account, your complete email address and password. Once you have entered the credentials, click on Continue to start the automatic setup.

    Free Email Service

    Microsoft Outlook Updates

  • In case of the incoming mail server, you need to select POP as account type and then set the incoming mail server to
  • Similarly, for the outgoing mail server, you need to use SMTP outgoing mail server, and set to the default ports as mentioned above. At any point of time, you can also check the Microsoft support site to get more information on configuring Outlook.
  • In the next step, you need to create and send a new email message to check if everything works fine.
  • If you are looking to set up Outlook in iOS, you can use the same outbound and inbound mail servers.

By following these instructions, you can successfully configure and set up Email with Mail app. However, if you face any issues in this procedure, do not worry. You can call our technical support team to get more assistance on the same.

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