Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Support Will Expire Soon

Microsoft support for Vista

Everything has a life span. If something gets old, it will have to be replaced by something new. This is true of software too, as old versions would have to be removed from the Microsoft’s list of supported products to pave the way for new ones. This happens at predictably regular intervals. The most recent one is for Windows Vista Service Pack 2. In case, you are one of the users who are still using Windows Vista, you need to migrate to Windows 7 or at least start using the Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

The software giant, Microsoft plans to end the Microsoft support for Vista, that is, Windows Vista SP1. This actually means that after being removed from the Microsoft’s list of supported products on April 12, there will be no more security updates. Just a few months from now, April 2012 to be precise, such user versions of Windows Vista will no longer be supported. This would mean that Microsoft would not be adding any new features as an update and the company will not be honoring any warranty claims. However, the business support will continue until 2017.

The only aberration to this predictable cycle was Windows XP. This extremely popular and famous version of the Microsoft Windows Operating system series is probably the only version that was allowed to live beyond its retirement time. This was probably because the users did not particularly like Windows Vista. So to appease the consumers, the software maker extended the support. But, Windows XP’s mainstream support actually ended in 2009.

list of supported products

To those users who would like to continue using Windows Vista even after the end of SP1 Microsoft support for Vista, you would still be able to use the operating system. But, the thing is, your system would be much more vulnerable to security risks, since Microsoft no longer providing updates.

The latest version of Windows OS, Windows 8, was released in April of 2012 and it is a good product to replace your Windows Vista.

But, just recently, it was announced that Office XP would also no longer be supported, by July 12. Office XP was launched about a decade ago and has seen the removal of “clippit” and other office assistant applications.

The business support for Microsoft Windows Vista will end on 11 April 2017, whereas the extended support for Windows 7 will end only on 14 January 2020.