Exploring The Features Of Internet Explorer 11

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Recently, Microsoft revealed some astonishing features of Internet Explorer 11 in the Build Conference held at San Francisco. Speaking on the IE 11 performance, Microsoft executives asserted that the browser coupled with upgraded Windows 8.1 would serve the fastest performance of any Windows browser that users have ever experienced before.

The Corporate Vice President of Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch said in the conference that, “The browser is no longer a commodity; the browser is a way to differentiate the operating system.” Supporting internet Explorer 11, Hachamovitch added that the browser is developed with numerous performance improvements over its earlier versions. For instance, the improved Tab management prevents the consumption of system memory or CPU resources by the tabs, which have not been opened for a while.

The Microsoft support site offers a deep overview on IE 11 and its features, and here is a summary of its striking benefits.

The most impressive improvement in IE 11 is the ability to pre-load and even pre-render websites that are linked to from the current page. For instance, it offers a list of search results to the users linked to the browsing site, which enhances the user experience by providing top search results almost instantly upon clicking them. The same feature of pre-rendering technique is used for the web articles with multiple pages, and the IE 11 browser loads the next pages automatically for instant access.

Apart from that, Microsoft has also advanced the touch support for Internet Explorer 11. For instance, the management of hover menus, which pop out more options while placing the mouse cursor over the link, has been incorporated for the touch screen users. Furthermore, Internet Explorer is the first of its kind to offer touch support drag and drop feature of HTML 5 program. This is a great advantage for users, who drag and drop images to upload them to the website.

IE 11 performance

The browser has good news for website owners too. The Pinned Sites concept, which was first introduced with Windows 7, has been developed and included in IE 11, and would allow websites to provide live previews of their sites on the live tiles of Windows 8.1, if users pin them to the Start screen.

Other minor improvements in the browser include customized software keyboard layouts for web forms, such as the appearance of @ sign and .com buttons while entering text in the address bar. Users would be able to save web articles with a new Reading List app as well. Visit the Microsoft support site, explore more on the features of IE 11, and upgrade to the latest Windows 8.1.