Removing The Contribute Toolbar

Remove toolbar

Generally, a toolbar is a kind of add-on that can be installed in your system without your knowledge; and sometimes, it can create many problems. Similarly, when you install Adobe Contribute or CS3, an add-on program will be installed in your Microsoft Office or web browser that is known as the Contribute toolbar. However, if you have no intension of using this toolbar, it is possible to uninstall it from your computer. Well, given below are guidelines that will help you to remove toolbar named Contribute from your web browsers easily.

Disabling in IE and Firefox

  • Start the process by clicking the menu called Tools, followed by clicking the option named Manage Add-ons in IE and Add-ons in Firefox. This will launch a new window in your computer screen.
  • If you are using internet Explorer, you need to click the option called Adobe Toolbar and from the section called Settings, select Disable. If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, From the Extension section, you need to select the option called Disable. If you are using the Contribute CS3, select ContributeBHO Class, followed by setting it to Disable option if you are using IE. However, the Disable button needs to be clicked, if you are using Firefox browser. Now the contributeplugin.dll file will be disabled.
  • To save the changes that you made, click the button called OK. After that, when you launch Mozilla Firefox or IE explorer next time, you will never see Contribute toolbar again.
  • If you want to remove the Contribute toolbar completely from your system, you need to move the mouse pointer towards the Windows Start button and click it. From the Windows Start menu, click the option named Control Panel. Next, if you are using a Windows XP machine, launch the Programs window by double clicking the option named Add/Remove programs. However, Windows 7 and Windows Vista users need to click the option named Programs, then Programs and features to open the Programs window.

    Contribute 4

  • Next, you need to select the option called Adobe Contribute 4 and click the option called Remove/Uninstall. Now the installation wizard will open in your screen. Select the option named Next, then Select, then Modify for Contribute 4, followed by clicking the button named Next once again. Uncheck the Contribute toolbar and click the button called next. Again, you need to click the Next button and finally to remove the Contribute toolbar, click the option called Uninstall.

The above given tips will help you to uninstall Contribute toolbar from your web browsers very easily. To know more on how to remove toolbar add-ons, contact our tech support center.