Why Tablet Computers Have Become So Popular

Tablet pc reviews

     Features Of Tablet PCs

Tablet computers have become so popular these days that their sales are going up day by day. Tablet PC reviews find that many users prefer tablet computers, as they are much cheaper than many laptops. A tablet computer offers almost all the features of a laptop and the only thing it lags in is its computing power. When compared to Laptops, Tablets are more convenient to carry along.

Tablet PC reviews find that they usually have a screen size of 7 inches or above. They fall just above the category of PDAs and smart phones in terms of size.  Most of the tablets in the market have capacitive touch screens and are equipped with various features like multi touch functionalities. The internal memory of these tablets can range from 8 GB to 64GB. The devices also have USB ports and 3G capabilities for various connectivity features.

When you think of tablet computers, the first picture that might come to your mind would be that of an iPad. This tablet from Apple was a huge hit and since its launch, it has been on the number one spot. When iPad was launched, some Tablet PC reviews said that the product looks like a bigger iPhone. Even though this is true to a certain extent, iPad comes with far more features than iPhone. iPad is considered as a lightweight tablet since it weighs only a pound and a half.

According to Tablet PC reviews, the important operating systems used for different tablet computers are Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Windows 8 etc. You can find the Android operating systems in tablets released by Samsung, Acer, Google, Asus etc. iOS can be found in iPads. Microsoft, who are not much into the hardware market have released the tablets named Surface, which runs on Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft has also released the next generation of Surface tablets named Surface 2.

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        Advantages Of Tablet PCs

Various reports find that Apple’s iPad is still the market leader in this segment, followed by Samsung with its Galaxy tabs. With large number of professionals opting for tablet computers in place of notebooks, it is expected that the manufacturers have a bright prospects in the tablet field.

Manufacturers are getting ready to launch the latest versions of already established models as well as brand new ones. We are going to see a stiffer competition in this field and the end results should definitely benefit the customers!

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