How To Disable Firewall In Windows 7

Windows support

Windows Firewall is used to block unauthorized access to your computer from remote locations. The Firewall blocks unauthorized connections to and from the computer, so that you can manage the security pretty easily. There are different reasons why you might want to disable the Windows Firewall. Remember disabling the firewall will open up your computer to all kind of security risks. Make sure you have a third party firewall installed if you are planning to disable the Windows Firewall. It is always recommended to allow an application through the firewall rather than disabling it entirely. You can find more information about this option from Windows support

There are different methods to disable the Firewall.

  • Click on the Start menu. Go to My Computer and click on manage.
  • Locate Services and Applications and click on the + sign to expand it.
  • Click Services and scroll down to Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Right click on Windows Firewall/Internet Sharing and select Properties.
  • Under the General tab change the Startup type to Disabled. Click on the Stop button. Click on Apply and your firewall would’ve been disabled. Now all your applications can connect to the internet directly without any need to go through the firewall.

The second technique involves disabling it via the Control Panel.

Security risks
  • Click on Start and go to the Control Panel. Now click on the Windows Firewall icon and select Properties. Under the General tab click on OFF (Not recommended) and click OK to close the window.
  • Click on the Start Menu and go to the Control Panel. Now click on Network and Internet Connections. Right click on your Network Connection and select Properties from the options. If you are using a DSL or a high speed cable you will see a Local Area Connection.
  • Click on the Advanced  tab in the Properties Window. Under Windows Firewall, click on Settings. Now click OFF (Not recommended) and click OK to exit. Click OK to close the properties window. You have now successfully disabled your firewall.

Disabling your firewall is not the best way to get around software restrictions. It would expose your computer to a lot of security risks. Be extremely careful while using software that requires you to open up your firewall. Only run trusted software that asks you to do so. You can always read up on Windows support for the best way to get past the Windows Firewall rather than disabling it completely.